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Counter Culture & Photonflux

There are a couple of groovy new eateries in Upper Victoria to go with the street widening and apartment building going on up there.

Counter Cult battleship

The first is a board game cafe, Counter Culture, with over 300 games available, and tasty food to boot. In the former Crafters premises, you will find many nooks and crannies to wile away as much time as you like playing old favourites or learning new games.

The second is a Sci Fi cafe, Photonflux, with memorabilia for Africa (if you’ll pardon the pun!), and tasty ‘fluxbun’ sandwiches the feature of the menu currently (South African fried dough filled with interesting ingredients – surprisingly, not unhealthy feeling at all!).

Both are definitely worth a visit, with Counter Culture also taking part in Wellington on a Plate.

Further details on both here.

Photon art


Roti Chenai

Roti Chenai on Victoria Street in the bottom of the Central City Apartments building (near Manners Street) feel like they’ve been around forever.  Around the 20 year mark according to their website.

They specialise in South Indian (dosa and varaval in particular) and Malaysian cuisine.

The winner here to my mind is pretty much always the dosai.  A spectacular site to behold, and a great contrast of delicate crispy pancake surrounding meaty or veggie textures, with sauces and a small bowl of curry to accompany.

Among the rest of the group’s order was a lamb byriani (with a whole egg in, good chunks of lamb, and presented nicely in a sharply moulded circle), a chicken varuval (very eye-catchingly red and voted pleasant but not startling), the roti chenai with dahl curry (great roti and deceptively filling), and a fish varuval (friend had to leave before we got into varuval comparisons).

The dishes here are well priced and satisfying, and I imagine the chefs dinner multi-plate special at $24 would have you rolling out the door at the end. You’d certainly have no trouble filling up your growing teenager.

I have never made it to dessert here, but the sweet banana roti appeals, so will have to choose a starter only next time and then give that a whirl.

Don’t forget they do takeaways as well….

120 Victoria Street, Wellington


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