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Beannie Cafe, Petone

Having read of the recently opened Beannie (in late 2011, named for the mother/daughter owners Bev/Annie), and knowing they’re experienced hands at the Petone cafe scene, I managed to fit in a visit for cake as a starting point today.

In the premises of the former Cafe Tart (and next but one to the requisite Minx shoe detour….), the decor is warm and welcoming.  And the staff too.  Although the cafe temperature was a bit cool today with both the front and courtyard doors open and wind whistling through.

There is a very appealing range of cabinet and counter food, and both a brunch and lunch menu.  Given my timeframe, I opted for a piece of chunky apple pie with yoghurt.  Delicious.  And containing a delightful surprise touch of sweet passionfruit through the top of the apple just beneath the crust, adding a wonderful note to the buttery (tender) crust and chunky apple.

There is nothing like an anticipated taste experience being surpassed.

Of interest on the menu were the specialty french toast (stuffed with cream cheese, apricot jam and served with fresh fruit and maple syrup), and the pasta any way (you name it, they’ll make it – penne pasta cooked in creamy pesto/or tomato sauce – bacon, chicken, salmon, mushroom, tomato, spinach, olives, sundried tomato. Anything goes…).  All is made or baked onsite.

I was amused to find pure ‘Petone Water’ courtesy of a good old fashioned tap on the wall over a pink laundry powder bin (unless of course one preferred the greater sophistication of the bottled filtered water in the fridge!).  So, Petone Water duly sampled, and I can report I’m still going strong several hours later …

Beannie serve Havana coffee, and the one delivered to the table past me both looked and smelt good.

The outdoor courtyard appears a very pleasant place to enjoy a spot of sun and quality food, with plants and solid fences providing both shelter and a sense of privacy.

This place has to be one of Petone’s daytime best, and you should definitely go there next time you’re in Petone.  I will most definitely be back (more than once I wager), with the next visit focused already on that specialty french toast.

When you go, take a good look at the art on the walls, and the large graffitti-style ‘Beannie’ mural on the back wall of the courtyard.  All very well chosen and a definite part of the cafe’s charm.

Perhaps with a jaunt down the road after for a cuppa and cupcake at Sweetpea, but that’s a whole other story……

159 Jackson Street, Petone

Felix Cafe

For a central cafe with character, a warm humming atmosphere, and a bit of sun peaking in, its hard to go past Felix on the corner of Cuba and Wakefield.

Having been more impressed with the snacks and coffee at Felix in recent times,
I decided on a lunch expedition to see if the meals also stood up to the improved standard. And indeed mine did.

I was able to sit at the large bench with the sun on my back and enjoy a peaceful read of this week’s Capital Times (peaceful an ironic word, I know, in the middle of a humming cafe, but when no-one needs something from you, that equates to peaceful in my world) while waiting for the food (which was prompt).

The menu had quite a range of options, including the fairly substantial (eg. open spicy premium lamb burger on focaccia with salad and Felix-made hummus with fries, hot smoked salmon with potato cakes, moroccan-spiced grilled steak or chicken strips with salad and haloumi), and a number of blackboard specials. Combined with the cabinet offerings, there’s definitely no shortage of choice here.

I chose the pulled pork slider of slow braised pork in apple and BBQ spices, served in a warmed roll with fries and salad (I jettisoned the fries at order time if you’re wondering where they’re hiding in the picture…).

And indeed the pork was tender and flavourful with hints of apple showing through, in a delightfully warm and soft bun (turkish I think).  Finger licking good (truly, I did!). The salad was also above the norm, with roasted tomatoes carrying a tangy edge, delicate strips of courgette contrasted by chunky beetroot and crunchy peppers against the lettuce backdrop.  Nicely done.

There was a constant flow of customers, both those dining in and those calling by for takeaway food or coffee (Friday lunchtime), and despite some peaks in demand,

the staff continued to smile and be pleasant to all, and remember the small touches like delivering water.

The coffee here is Flight, the decor is funky, the menu is more interesting than average, there’s a good magazine rack, and an outside dining area for brave souls.  Pretty much everything covered.

Next time I’m coming for brunch and sampling the sauteed spinach and mushrooms on pumpkin bread. Mmmmm……


Medici, Martinborough

Having stopped here in the past for coffee and cake while out riding, staying over at Martinborough meant the perfect opportunity to experience Medici’s full brunch offerings.

We arrived around 9am at the beginning of the day (Sunday), so were met and seated easily.  And enjoyed the ambience peacefully before the 10am rush.

Named after the Italian royal house and banking dynasty of Medici (who knew they developed the double entry book-keeping system?), the cafe gives a nod to its history with Sistine chapel-style paintings on the ceiling, rustic wrought iron chandeliers and an old Medici head (coin?) in the logo.

Local art on the walls is for sale, there is a (usually) sunny courtyard out the back, the coffee is by Mojo, and there is a mix of both counter and menu food on offer.

And so to brunch.

French toast and pancakes were the order of the day.  Both with banana, bacon and maple syrup.  The french toast was rated as pretty good with a pleasing balance between the salty crispy bacon, and creamy egginess of the toast.  And the pancakes (which were really small pikelets) were presented appealingly in a stack with accompanying condiments in separate dishes and jug.  Good for those who like to mix and match flavours to personal taste.  Like me.

One coffee was missed off the order, and the wait staff seemed a little more focused on what they had to get through rather than engaging with the customers, so perhaps some room for improvement on that front.

But otherwise good food and coffee, in a cafe with character, in a delightful corner of the greater Wellington region.

It will remain a regular ride stop.

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