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Gipsy Kitchen comes to town

For CBD lovers of Gipsy Kitchen, your prayers have been answered. The Gipsy has taken up a spot in Jessie street opposite the Il Casino apartments, operating daytimes til 3pm.

The very groovy exterior sets the tone from the get-go, continuing inside with luxurious wall panelling, funky decorations, and plenty of quirk.

Gipsy exterior

The food is the quality we know and love from Gipsy, ranging from pastries to salads, to quiches, to lunch rolls, pies and sweets. And they have their heavenly (vegan) seed bread available for takeaway too.

I haven’t had a rhubarb scone fix for a while, but alas there were none, so I settled for bread and butter pudding for breakfast instead. Soft, moist and flavourful, I was sorry when it was gone.

We didn’t have coffee on this visit, but there was a steady stream of locals popping in for theirs, so we take that as a good sign (especially with Prefab, L’affare and Moore Wilson all within a stones throw). The herbal teas we did enjoy were nicely presented and real, not teabags.

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There’s only seating for about 12, so either pick your time or be prepared to take away. And do have a wee peek in the fridge of deli products available too.

They utilise a wood fired oven, and say the may well run into evenings as summer appears.


37 Jessie Street




Gipsy Kitchen, Strathmore

UPDATE: Also doing Friday evening tapas which are well regarded.

It’s a while since I’ve been to theĀ Gipsy Kitchen, and a recent visit reminded me of why I should come by every time I drive out out of the garage (it’s okay, I drive infrequently so won’t become a Gipsy Kitchen stalker!).

Gypsy Kitchen scone

We’d been eating our way around the various suburban delis, so the visit coincided with afternoon tea/pre-movie snack time.

Being a sweet-toothed girl I immediately homed in on the rhubarb and caramel scone (really, really good) while my savoury-toothed friend (I just got visions of a sabre-toothed tiger writing that, obviously more sleep required!) homed in on the beef and blue cheese pie (also so good that the resolve to eat only half disappeared in a puff of smoke…).

Both were oven warmed so not microwave-soggy. Yay!

The scone was a pleasing mix of crisp and tenderness, and the pastry on the pie was rich, buttery and crisp, with deep pleasing flavours through the filling.

There were many other appealing deli foods (stuffed capsicums, tortilla wraps…), and the usual range of pastas, sauces and condiments on the shelves.

Gypsy Kitchen pie

The fridge had an interesting selection of juices, drinks and take-home meals, and the counter-top baking was very appealing also.

And most impressively, we received good honest advice about the keeping span of deli items (despite meaning they couldn’t sell me anything further on that day and I might or might not be able to come back in the next couple of days).

Thats food integrity right there.

Despite saying always open on their facebook page, I suspect the Gipsy Kitchen really mean they’re open 7 days during usual daytime hours.

I didn’t have coffee on this occasion, but my friend’s long black had good crema and a pleasant aroma, and other reviews comment likewise.

4 Glamis Avenue, Strathmore.

Gypsy Kitchen

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