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Pickle & Pie – a NY-style deli in Wellie

Pickle & Pie has just opened at 2 Lombard Street (the Civic Square end of Lombard Lane), with chef Tim Tracey at the helm.

Pickle Pie decor

They have a lovely large sunny space, with outside tables, and eventually, a grassy park out front. So don’t be put off by all the current fencing to get there.

Tim has always wanted a NY-style deli, and so finally has his chance. Opening from 7am to 7pm, the counter food changes throughout the day to match the kind of hunger we have on, while the menu has set breakfast and lunch timings. And there’s a whole wall of pickled goodies you can take home while you’re at it.

Pickle Pie menu

Because I was there for a late breakfast, I decided to try out the sourdough crumpets with tamarillo, blackberry, vanilla mascarpone and fennel syrup. I enjoyed the sour notes coming through the nicely balanced sweet and sour fruit compote, rounded off with the creamy mascarpone. I don’t recall much in the way of fennel syrup, but the overall mouthfeel and flavour balance was good.

Pickle pie crumpets

Had it been afternoon, I’m sure I would have made a bee-line for the beautiful New York cheesecakes on the counter, or perhaps one of their house pretzel and peanut cookies. I know I’m certainly going back for a hot chocolate or mocha at some point to try out the Pickle & Pie marshmallows that come with them!

They also do take-home meals later in the day if you fancy a treat without cooking, so they’ve got your day totally covered at Pickle & Pie.

7am – 7pm Monday to Saturday

2 Lombard Street

Pickle Pie dinners.jpg

Gipsy Kitchen comes to town

For CBD lovers of Gipsy Kitchen, your prayers have been answered. The Gipsy has taken up a spot in Jessie street opposite the Il Casino apartments, operating daytimes til 3pm.

The very groovy exterior sets the tone from the get-go, continuing inside with luxurious wall panelling, funky decorations, and plenty of quirk.

Gipsy exterior

The food is the quality we know and love from Gipsy, ranging from pastries to salads, to quiches, to lunch rolls, pies and sweets. And they have their heavenly (vegan) seed bread available for takeaway too.

I haven’t had a rhubarb scone fix for a while, but alas there were none, so I settled for bread and butter pudding for breakfast instead. Soft, moist and flavourful, I was sorry when it was gone.

We didn’t have coffee on this visit, but there was a steady stream of locals popping in for theirs, so we take that as a good sign (especially with Prefab, L’affare and Moore Wilson all within a stones throw). The herbal teas we did enjoy were nicely presented and real, not teabags.

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There’s only seating for about 12, so either pick your time or be prepared to take away. And do have a wee peek in the fridge of deli products available too.

They utilise a wood fired oven, and say the may well run into evenings as summer appears.


37 Jessie Street




Gipsy Kitchen, Strathmore

UPDATE: Also doing Friday evening tapas which are well regarded.

It’s a while since I’ve been to the Gipsy Kitchen, and a recent visit reminded me of why I should come by every time I drive out out of the garage (it’s okay, I drive infrequently so won’t become a Gipsy Kitchen stalker!).

Gypsy Kitchen scone

We’d been eating our way around the various suburban delis, so the visit coincided with afternoon tea/pre-movie snack time.

Being a sweet-toothed girl I immediately homed in on the rhubarb and caramel scone (really, really good) while my savoury-toothed friend (I just got visions of a sabre-toothed tiger writing that, obviously more sleep required!) homed in on the beef and blue cheese pie (also so good that the resolve to eat only half disappeared in a puff of smoke…).

Both were oven warmed so not microwave-soggy. Yay!

The scone was a pleasing mix of crisp and tenderness, and the pastry on the pie was rich, buttery and crisp, with deep pleasing flavours through the filling.

There were many other appealing deli foods (stuffed capsicums, tortilla wraps…), and the usual range of pastas, sauces and condiments on the shelves.

Gypsy Kitchen pie

The fridge had an interesting selection of juices, drinks and take-home meals, and the counter-top baking was very appealing also.

And most impressively, we received good honest advice about the keeping span of deli items (despite meaning they couldn’t sell me anything further on that day and I might or might not be able to come back in the next couple of days).

Thats food integrity right there.

Despite saying always open on their facebook page, I suspect the Gipsy Kitchen really mean they’re open 7 days during usual daytime hours.

I didn’t have coffee on this occasion, but my friend’s long black had good crema and a pleasant aroma, and other reviews comment likewise.

4 Glamis Avenue, Strathmore.

Gypsy Kitchen

Kelburn kool…

A sunny Saturday (finally!) and a friend’s foodie tales of Kelburn beckoned.

A quiet start around 9am meant the opportunity to window peek and decide the sequence for sampling.  In the interests of brevity (Kelburn has a lot to offer), I’ll summarise where I think you’d go for the best offerings.

Kelburn Café – you can’t miss the advantage of morning sun and newspaper here.
After watching a continuous stream of people coming by for coffee, I too opted to try the LAffare on offer.  Smooth, silky milk throughout (not always easy with trim) and a pleasing creamy glossy finish. Very good.  The cheese scone that caught my eye on the counter wasn’t bad either.

The Original German Bakery – this is the place to come for breads, heavier dessert-style slices and hot cross buns.  Samples of said buns (both traditional and chocolate) were out the front on a wooden table to tempt passers-by.  Nice.

Cameron & Harrison Butcher and Deli – appealing rows of sausages and other meat goodies complemented by interesting deli products.   I succumbed to a purchase of the Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce, with the most entertaining story label I’ve ever seen (the label alone is worth the price, truly).

Caffe Mode – the best show in town for eating in, cabinet or menu.  Sited in an old villa with front views of the lovely St Michaels Church, or rear views of bush and old Kelburn villas, this is a very pleasant spot to stop and relax.

I enjoyed a very pleasant bowl of muesli with yoghurt and warm berries, whilst browsing a magazine and watching the various staff disappearing and reappearing up the central wooden stairwell to the kitchen below.  A bit like magic really – go down with nothing, come up with delicious food!

The Platter Delicatessen – European styled, with all sorts of interesting products and condiments.  The owners (husband and wife, both present today), were very helpful in explaining products and suggesting new things to try.  I now have ideas for

the white asparagus, and came away with a bottle of The Platter’s own walnut vinaigrette (made using a French walnut mustard they also stock).  This is the place to come and pick up your dinner party ingredients (EFT-POS only though), or a quick dinner when you can’t be bothered yourself (chicken casserole with a tipple of whiskey, lamb bolognese with a tipple of pinot noir…), hand made pates, European style cheeses and meats, pies, and much more.  Hungry yet?

Dinner – I’m told the Yellow Chilli Indian is very good, there is a Mediterranean Warehouse branch doing pizzas in the old Keburn pub, and I also spied the Pratha To Go takeaways.  I’d come back and try these as something a little different in the takeaway space.  The folks from Roti in Willis Street, so should be good.

And if you happen to strike Kelburn on Kelburn Fair / St Patricks Day, with sun, jazz musicians playing on the street, fluffy green candy floss and green iced buzzy bee chocolate cupcakes, I think you’d just about pack up and move here…

Ontrays deli, Petone

From a welcoming offer of coffee, to friendly and helpful staff, Ontrays is a delightful place to wile away at least an hour while discovering all sorts of international goodies.

Fresh Brazilian cumquats, Iranian dates, Persian fairy floss, Australian green tomatoes, barberries, and white mulberries, English crackers coded and matched for different cheeses (basil crackers for swiss cheese, chilli crackers for mature cheese, celery crackers for blue cheese, fig crackers for sheep cheese), Greek figs, Vietnamese Pho sets, French lupini beans, Brazilian banana and sweet potato pastes, French tinned confit duck, and on it goes….

These folks would be very willing and happy to help you find or source any product you desired.

38 Fitzherbert Street, Petone.


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