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Clarks Cafe @ The Library

For book lovers, Clarks Cafe at The Wellington Central Library is hard to beat for cake, coffee and a read.

I particularly enjoy early on a Saturday morning before they get too busy, with what must surely be one the best scones in the city still warm from the oven.


Clarks scone

Date, apple and buttermilk, with a crunchy coating of sugar on top.  Soft and sweet inside, crispy contrast outside.  Yuuuuuuum (for us carbophiles anyway!).

There are plenty of copies of the day’s newspaper around, and lots of tables or benches overlooking the books to choose from. Including a children’s area with appropriate play things.

The cabinet holds a wide range of usual daytime fare, the coffee is Peoples, and its a handy central place for a meeting.

You do have to wait around for your coffee at the counter (a la Starbucks), so this is not the place if you’re wanting full service.  But for a casual stop during the day, or that meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, you can’t go wrong really.

7 days a week.



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