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Rock Yard Vietnamese, Allen Street

And so we have another Vietnamese in Wellington.  And not bad it is either.

Rock Yard is found down Allen Street in one of those ubiquitous spaces that all look/feel the same, but they have managed to make their establishment feel modern and sharp with sleek black and white. (There is some incongruity though with blue flashing neon on entry above the water feature – although on reflection, Vietnam does have a mix of tradition and new flashing neon in the bigger centres.)

Rock Yard table

The food here is fresh and crisp, the staff friendly, and the set up has been done well (despite the blue flashing neon!).

The small plates include options like water fern cake, chicken ham, summer (cold rice wrapped) or deep fried spring rolls, and (on the night we were there anyway) a tripe dish, which no-one was quite game to try. And they were all quite sizeable for small plates.

The big plates include options like pho (one of the best I’ve had in Wellington), crispy vietnamese pancake (remarked as needing a bit more salt to enhance flavour), spicy lemongrass chicken (conversely reasonably spicy), prawn salad etc.  Next time I’m going to try the Vietnamese braised fish in claypot to see how that stacks up.

Rock Yard food

They also promote their range of cocktails as being creative, so I might just have to check them out next time too (simply in the interests of research you understand). And you can ring and order take-out too.  Nice.

For a cheap, cheerful and fresh dinner in a pleasant setting, Rock Yard would definitely pop into my head (even though there was a fire alarm on the night we went and we had to enjoy our dinner in two stages!).

18 Allen StreetRock Yard map

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