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The Meeting Tree (now Adulis)

UPDATE: Now called Adulis, in the same location, and probably the same people. Injera bread still available (including as a takeaway roll filled with peanut sauce, East African spiced kibbeh and garden salad).

So, we decided to see if The Meeting Tree on Tory Street (a newish Ethiopian) offered up more than the bread and water my colleagues reckoned it would (their judgement based entirely on lean Ethiopian runners).

Meeting House platterWell kinda.

They’d only just received their liquor licence the night before and weren’t serving any yet, so the only liquid brought to us was water, with no juice or alternate offered.

And injera bread (pancake really) is quite a feature of Ethiopian cooking, so not far off actually!

Effectively the dishes here are either a range of vegan (lentils, split peas or vegetables) or meats (chicken, beef and lamb) marinated in their traditional spices and added to a curries, stews or dry cooked.  And then served with rice or the injera bread.

Injera bread is great fun as you get to eat with you hands – tearing off a piece, picking up your meat with it or dipping it directly into the sauces – and I do like getting right in among it (not so much for him-of-the-girly-cocktails).  And being a thin light spongy slightly sour scooper with a lot of holes, it works a treat.

Meeting House decorThere are some fabulous names to the dishes (doro wot, yebeg sega wot, zilzil tibs), some interesting corner chairs at every table, fairly basic ambience and service, and meat that wasn’t all that tender or magical other than the differing spice flavours (try the platter to get the most different tastes), but its still a unique and different experience.

I understand the coffee experience is pretty good, but being an evening we didn’t partake.

So you certainly won’t get fat at The Meeting Tree, but it is nice to have these kinds of experiences available in our fair city.

100 Tory Street



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