For worthy eating and drinking experiences around Wellington, NZ (and the greater region) – you can also catch Heather out and about hosting Zest Food Tours around the city…


I am a Wellingtonian who loves food, people, food, socialising, food, and Wellington city (did I mention food?).

NZ_FoodBloggers2015Among other things, I am a guide for Zest Food Tours  (walking gourmet food tours of the city), a food blogger for Know Wellington, previously a top ten blogger, am the Wellington ‘expert’ (and I use that term very loosely!) for Xtreme

My enjoyment of the city centres around the stories, the places, the flavours, the character and heart of what is uniquely ours.

To declare my biases, a good experience for me includes a combination of ambience (having some), good dish execution (whether fancy or simple), and excellent service (matches the pitch, whether fun or fine). I can sometimes live with one aspect being slightly below par if the other two are good, and like to visit places a couple of times before forming an opinion.

EF_logoSo this blog is about places I think are worth a visit, whether fine dining or casual, large or small, new or old.  I won’t include places that aren’t up to much as life is too short to waste time writing about the non-worthy. But feel free to drop me a note if you want to ask my thoughts on somewhere.

All photographs are ones I’ve taken unless otherwise credited.  I don’t mind  you using my photographs as long as you credit me and link back to my site.  Please contact me for any other use.

You can also contact me via

Bon appetit.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Katherine Edmond on said:

    Go you – so pleased you have started. I regard you as my own personal guide to the culinary delights of Wellington. Loved the first column.
    Katherine (Kate’s friend)

  2. Lynne H on said:

    Really great.

    Lynne H.

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