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Moustache are here!

The Auckland Moustache Milk & Cookie bar girls have come to visit Wellington.

Moustache bus

They’ve brought their bus down for a few months ahead of a South Island summer tour, so we can enjoy their delicious shakes and cookies on the way (check out their back story). Although they’re likely to be here until December, it might pay to pop along soon if you fancy working your way through their offerings.

They bake their cookies in situ, and display what’s available in jars along the counter. And make their shakes fresh with real ingredients, as evidenced by my gingernut version. Given they bake small batches, odds are you’ll strike a cookie warm from the oven, which is surely the penultimate way to enjoy one of these babies (my fave so far – the white chocolate and macadamia).

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The front of the bus is decked out with seats, so you can wait in comfort if its a brisk Wellington day, including being able to  jump into the drivers seat and fulfil childhood fantasies, hat included. Good thinking.

The other thing of interest is the collaboration with the Garage Project lads to brew another batch of Moustache Ale, the first of which funded the bus outfitting. Apparently it should be ready in a month or so (somewhere around WOAP time), so keep your eye on their Facebook page for how to get your hands on one. It’s a limited run, so you might need to be quick when they appear.

Nice one girls, looking forward to my next visit already!

7 Marion StreetMoustache bus3


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