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Nifty Neo

I’ve been working up the parliament end of town for a chunk of time now, but am finally off the hook and recently (coupla weeks ago now!) had the chance to stop into Neo rather than just notice it always looks busy when dashing past.

I arrived at 1145am-ish and was easily able to get a seat, but noted that by 1230pm there were queues for tables. The cabinet has a few fresh and tasty looking sandwiches and bowls of salad if you’re just after an in and out.

I chose the avocado, tomato and Zany Zeus chili feta on sourdough from the breakfast menu, which was light, fresh and well presented. The avocado wasn’t too ripe or firm, the tomatoes ditto, and the chili feta the right amount to enhance without overpowering. I could even taste the sour notes from the bread beneath, so well executed all round.

The drinks range from the $4 bottomless filter coffee, to Six Barrel sodas, and a range of interesting Ritual Tea Company teas (I’m eyeing up the ‘Shot in the Arm’ for next time).

It’s easy to forget these little local cafes that chug on day after week after year, but in fact some of them are real little gems. I intend to cruise back in for a weekend breakfast soon.

They also offer catering and function services, and venue hire, and I think would be a great place to order a cake for that next work shout…

Keep up the good work guys.

132 Willis Street

Neo decor



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2 thoughts on “Nifty Neo

  1. Fantastic fresh food. Great idea to get there a little earlier to avoid midday frenzy.

  2. Neo really is a gem. I get my daily coffee fix from Neo and the staff are so friendly. It also makes a great coffice (cafe office) as I often have informal business meetings there over morning tea and lunch.

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