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Twisty Tahi Thai

I’ve read positive things about Tahi Thai, so thought I’d truck along and have a look for myself (Tahi being Maori for one – their street number on Courtenay Place – as well as a play on ‘Thai’).

And they certainly are twisty.

Tahi menu

With unexpected dishes (grilled pork chop on mashed potato with holy basil sauce, stir fried black spaghetti and prawns, baked NZ mussels with cheese and curry sauce to name just a few), décor and prices akin to a contemporary restaurant but in a casual location with people and traffic flowing past out the window, and beautifully presented dishes served fast, it was a whole bunch of contrasts.

Between us we had the chicken and young coconut, the prawns padthai (the above spaghetti dish) and the hidemebananas (yep you read that right – deep fried banana toastie with vanilla ice cream).

A sneaky wing found its way in among the chicken thighs, and some of the chicken and crumbed egg plant weren’t as well cooked as others (some of the eggplant being cold and hard) but the green curry itself with strips of soft coconut was excellent. There was also a bit of debate about how to eat it together given the separate components on a flat board, but I note there was very little left unhoovered at the end!

The prawns padthai was bigger than I could eat, and was suitably al dente with a lovely mild-medium tamarind sauce and peanut crumbs for artful scattering. The prawns were larger than I expected, and I noticed quite a few prawn and salmon dishes on Tahi’s menu for those of you who are seafood fans.

The hidemebananas were fun, crispy and bananary (Im hoping that’s a word!), and at $8, a steal. I thought the ‘I want sugar’ covers on the dessert menus were an amusing touch and decided next time I’m having the Honey Toast – a cube cabin construction of buttery white toast cemented with honey and maple syrup, oozing with vanilla ice cream. Sounds a whole heap of fun. With classic, cheese and strawberry choco toast options no less.

The entrees are in the $6.50 – $13 range, salads and soups $14-$16, the mains $26-$29, and the desserts $7-$15.

The wine list has one of each varietal by either the glass or bottle, including a red or white Spice Trail ‘hot blend’ designed to accompany hot food. The white was a blend of Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay, and came through as sweet and minerally. Overkill for my mild-medium padthai, but I can see how it might work well with a more spicy dish.

There’s also a range of local Parrotdog craft beers (yay local!), a few international beers, thai iced coffees and lattes, and a selection of sodas (watermelon I’m coming for you…).

We were serenaded for our entire visit by old time jazz music (more contrast), and I never quite got to the bottom of why the basil sauce on the grilled pork chop was holy. So I’m still trying to figure in my head how to categorise them. Another visit required perhaps…


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