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Asiana Cooking School

Once hubby got past the ‘I’m paying for dinner and cooking it too????’, we had a grand time at the Asiana Cooking School.

Asiana roomThe school is in Tennyson Street, just a block down from Moore Wilson, and runs very slickly. Every person has a workstation with all the implements, ingredients, bowls, pans, recipes etc laid out ready to go, after you’ve first relaxed in the lounge side room enjoying the first tipple of the evening as everyone arrives.

Mindy tutors in a lovely open and informative manner, and happily shares tips throughout the evening – like the secret to stab-able (is that a word?) cooked courgette is to slice it on an angle. Simply but effective, and you won’t wind up with rings of courgette around your fork.

She demonstrates up the front first (so all recipes are relatively quick, you won’t spend all evening slaving over a hot pan), and then you’re let loose to replicate. Having the angled mirror above the demo bench works a treat so you can see exactly what’s being done no matter your position in the room.

On the night we went, the main was chicken in coconut sambal (the recipe helpfully adjusted to single portions), with banana roti to follow. Drooling yet? The sambal is a good example of a Malaysian dish which can be as hot or mild as you like (loads or a little sambal paste), is colourful, creamy and slightly sweet courtesy of the smidge of sugar added at the end.

We all managed the chicken pretty well, and made a fair go of the banana roti too (even him who was originally horrified at paying for a dinner he also had to cook, proudly proclaiming how well he’d beaten his roti into submission – something to do with the black bits on the underside maybe?).

Mindy had made the dough earlier to give it resting time, and we all discovered that the end product was actually easier to create than you’d imagine. We flattened, stretched and folded with flair, and learnt not to origami too many layers into the parcel so it didn’t end up doughy from too many layers to cook through. And to leave a little air at the edges on folding so it would puff up and offset any cooking shrinkage – aha!

Asiana platedTo finish the evening we sat at communal tables and enjoyed the fruits of our labour (plates with rice on magically appeared as we neared the end of our cooking), while Mindy’s staff cleaned up and re-set for the next day. What could be easier than that? And I even took leftovers home for lunch too.

Mindy has loads of classes each week and month, with an interesting array of recipes, so you’d be mad not to give this a go sometime. Especially in a group.

39 Tennyson Street.


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