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Seize the day

Like everyone, I have been Seized.

I like that Seize on Lambton are fresh, seasonal, vegan, vegetarian, heavily plant-based, even paleo-friendly if that’s your thing. With fantastic staff.

Seize wall

There’s a range of non-typical salad bowls (coconut turmeric cerviche fish with watercress, capsicum, seasonal greens, organic quinoa and chili infused olive oil), create-your-owns, a daily vegetarian burger special (which I’ve managed to miss twice so far, such is the demand), a daily soup special (looked pretty fine at the table next to me, with the toast presented on a nice wooden side board), wraps, interesting breakfast and dessert options (raw porridge, acai chia pudding), and a sweet cabinet with goodies such as cacao and goji berry macaroons, raw raspberry cheesecake, gluten and dairy free banana loaf, etc etc.

Seize acai pudding

And that’s before a large range of equally interesting smoothies (kale goji, cacao berry nut, avo turmeric, maca coconut), juices (optimism, hydration, immunity, antioxidant, custom) and milk substitutes (almond, oat or coconut milk).

Holy hell. I’m going to need a lie down and a kale goji just to contemplate all that.

Seize wrap

It just so happens I’ve been in a few times, and I can tell you that even a simple bacon salad wrap is presented beautifully when eaten on site, and included a range of green textures and tastes alongside flavourful non-fatty (yay!) bacon.

The salads are colourful, fresh and tasty, and the acai chia pudding (organic chia seeds with coconut milk topped with antioxidant acai) was a lot like a bircher muesli with a sweet fruit layer across the top. Nice.

Seize salad
You might want to avoid the noon queues, and some items will sell out during peak lunch service, so plan your visit with care.

Lookout burger special, I’m coming for you…

7am-3pm weekdays.

117 Lambton Quay

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