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Long live Burger Liquor

Are we there yet on the burgers? Apparently not.

On Willis Street in the old Crazy Horse Steakhouse premises is the new Burger Liquor.  I’m a bit disturbed by the word Liquor in a food outlet title, but after having been along I can understand a bit more of what they’re about.

Burger Liq decor

The décor, like Five Boroughs of last week, is a bit graffiti’d and edgy (industrial funk popped into my head, although I have no clue what that really means!), they specialize in burgers, rums and bourbons (a different bourbon showcased each day), they have the requisite American snacks and sides (bread and butter pickles, onion rings, buffalo wings, etc) and they were reasonably busy on an early Saturday evening (off to a good start then).

Most burgers had interesting components or flavours (chicken jerk rubbed Waitoa free-range chicken with roasted fennel and peach chutney; crumbed market fish with picked cucumber and white onion, lemon and dill mayo), and I applaud them for the comment by the beef options – ‘Beef burgers are cooked medium rare. End of Story.’

Burger Liq burger1

The quinoa, faro, goats cheese, spinach and beet relish burger was tasty (with a pleasing balance of textures in the crispy-exteriored, soft-interiored brioche buns), and the smokey ground chuck and short rib with streaky bacon, onion rings, nim jam and scarmoza also got a tick. The comment from the smokey burger eater when comparing here versus Five Boroughs was that these burgers are more complex. Okay then.

Burger Liq hard shakes

We enjoyed one of the ‘hard’ shakes (a’la Burger ‘Liquor’) – the Malt’n’Salt Jim Beam Choice, maltesers and salted caramel – which was made with Kapiti vanilla ice cream giving a pleasingly thick texture. Very moorish and a pleasant surprise.

I noticed on the way out that they’re passing on the 2% credit card fees, and the bright blue exterior paint still doesn’t do it for me, however it was a pleasant eat overall and we’ll definitely be back sometime.

Open every day from 11am.

129 Willis Street.

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One thought on “Long live Burger Liquor

  1. Oo looks interesting but I couldn’t help think of the London version with a rully rully similar name that was oh so trendy a few years ago:

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