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Five Boroughs groove

A bit edgy. A bit American. A bit hidden away. Five Boroughs’ll do alright.

5 Boroughs grafitti

There were a fair few burgers ordered in our group (so how did I manage to not end up with a photo of a burger?), presented as one would expect with pickles and chippies. The potato and gravy and paprika dusted fries all disappeared fairly quickly so we take that as a good sign, however no one was quite game for cheesy and gravy fries.

For the one in the group who didn’t follow the herd, the smoky pork short ribs were tasty, meaty and non-fatty (and looked pretty on the board), although the side of fried artichoke hearts with bacon needed more crispy bacon bits and less mayo.

5 Boroughs food

Intriguingly, although there’s a non-alcoholic drinks list, there isn’t an alcoholic one.  There’s a short wine list on the wall, and you rely on the staff to tell you the beer options. Huh. They do offer bottomless coffee though if you like several buckets of caffeine at a time.

The milkshake flavours are also interesting – bam bam baklava (perhaps a link to the Phoenician Falafel parents?), jelly tip, trippple chocolate (yes intended), after dinner mint and bounty.

5 Boroughs decor

Both the caramel tart and carrot cakes on the counter looked appealing, and the dessert menu is simple and to the point (banana split, sundae or pie with cream), but alas the group couldn’t quite do it. Clearly more practice required.

I don’t think you’d come here for sensational food, but I do think you’d come here for a fun time.

Corner Roxburgh and Majoribanks Streets.


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