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The Bresolin

That’s it.  I’m meated out.

Bresolin mushroomsGoing to the new Bresolin with a big group meant a zeroing in on the feast dishes (whole shoulder of lamb, whole roasted chicken) with a range of small dishes to keep the wolves from the door initially given the feast dishes would take an hourish.

The small dishes included a salmon and watercress salad; steak tartare; calamari with wakame; and mushrooms with pea shoots, polenta and mascarpone.  All were quality and nicely presented (the vegge dishes were the most interesting of the lot though – check out here).

Lke most places deciding to have small or tasting plates recently I’m not all that sold on some of the price points ($14 for a dish of butternut pumpkin, carrots and almonds, $8 for a very small bowl of unadorned salad leaves?). However there’s absolutely no way you’d go hungry here if feasting.

And American is clearly the new black (will it take the mantle from meat as the new black?) – at the Bresolin you’ll find burgers, buttermilk fried chicken, a range of soda pops in the traditional sarsaparilla style (pear and ginger, blueberry lemonade, rhubarb and basil), daily soft serve ice-cream, etc.

Bresolin meats

There’s a daily guest beer on tap (something from the UK on this occasion), as well as a range of NZ craft beers, NZ and European wines, cocktails, hot chocolate, gumboot tea and their own Gentlemen’s Beans coffee, so something liquid for everyone.

And a whole spit roast animal over the courtyard barbecue pit of a Sunday (now only to be the last Sunday of the month given the effort required) and you must buy a ticket which gets you beast, house baked rolls, slaw, beer and music.

The atmosphere is fun (beware its noisy in the upstairs restaurant when full), the different spaces capture the different customers well (courtyard, bar, restaurant) and the service is slick, so the Bresolin will do well.

278 Willis Street (corner of Karo Drive and Willis).

Bresolin spit roast

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One thought on “The Bresolin

  1. Great review and can’t wait to try this place to checkout how my fellow Italians are doing. You beat me to it ha ha 🙂

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