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The Hangar, not just coffee…

I finally got to the Hangar (Flight Coffee HQ) for brunch, after recently being prompted again about their new and extended kitchen menu.

Worthy, yes. Delicious, yes. Fun, yes.

Hangar coffee

The booths have given way to more tables to accommodate the chowers, and the menu has a large range of brunch/lunch items, some reasonably standard, and some a bit more intriguing (Elvis banana bread with berry compote, bacon and peanut butter mousse – definitely on my to-do-next list;  black garlic mac’n’cheese with roasted cauliflower; silverbeet chips baked in garlic infused olive oil and sea salt).

Hangar sign

There was also a fairly impressive build-your-own breakfast list with about 20 options, and a new section of crumpets (goat cheese and walnut with honey and thyme being the order of today).

These guys have the fun and entertainment factor in spades – from the welcome sign (yep it does say ‘lock eyes, open arms and nod suggestively’ for a cuddle), to watching fantastical coffee productions, to the cool of the staff, and right on down to the coffee and table condiments being on wooden trays with set holes for each component (not left-hand drinker friendly though!).  And we know the holes are the exact size for each item as the mischief maker at the table of course had to have a go at moving them all around (hah, snookered smartypants!).

Hangar crumpets

I’ve called by here for coffee and a delicious cheese scone on another occasion too, and enjoyed the peacefulness while out watching the city wake up.

I don’t think you could go wrong on any front calling in here for a graze if you find yourself in this part of town.

Wednesday to Saturdays evenings also, with a liquor licence from 5pm (cocktails and craft beers recommended).

Corner of Dixon and Willis Streets.

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One thought on “The Hangar, not just coffee…

  1. Great post. I saw their new menu advertised and need to go back again to check it out!

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