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Loving La Cloche…

I recently found myself in Kaiwharawhara at lunchtime and revisited La Cloche for the first time in years (I will get to Le Marche soon too Ann!).

Cloche bread wallIts a fairly full noisy place on a weekend lunchtime, but the food is worth the effort, the decor has the right quirk factor (check out the bread wall hangings and rustic chandeliers), and the bread, deli or patisserie delights you can take away for later, the icing on the cake (literally!).

The ham and mushroom crepe was the best I’ve had in years (suitably dark and textured with thick slices of real ham), the vegetarian quiche was voted as excellent (despite the teenager not usually being an egg fan, go figure), Cloche crepeand the beef and lamb sausage in crusty baguette (marguez) also passed muster with flying colours.  The accompanying vegetables (if chosen over fries) were flavourful cubes of rosemary-roasted root veggies.

And the homemade millefeuille (vanilla custard layered between leaves of puff pastry) rightfully deserves it’s title as a favourite.

Check out the beautiful pictures here from their website.

Cloche sweetsYou do have to go up and order at the counter yourself, and it can be a bit tricky lining up to pay among those ordering and those getting take away delights (yep guilty), but as long as you’re not in any burning rush, it’s definitely worth your patience (also noted, the $12 box of petit fours for a future gift purchase – it’s okay to gift oneself isn’t it? – six beautiful mouthfuls of prettiness which I’m sure will complete a dinner party sometime very soon).

The coffee is a unique Flight blend made for them, and they occasionally do events and dinners (like Ze Brittany Dinner recently on 30 October).

Parking on the weekends is down the back of the BMW carpark next door, and they’re open 7.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

134 Hutt Road, Kaiwharawhara.

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2 thoughts on “Loving La Cloche…

  1. Lucy from Life and Cheese on said:

    Yum- the crepe looks great. I really recomend le Marche Francais. Also delicious

  2. Wow, I’m amazed you remember me :-). I love La Cloche too. Their strawberry “tartelettes” in the summer are to die for. I’m not a huge fan of their coffee though, but that’s always very personal.

    Love their kids corner too as it keeps my two littlies happy while I delect myself ;-). Their fluffies were a big hit with my two.

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