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Lotus Restaurant

I think Lotus might deserve the stars they’re getting online, for the food anyway.

There’s definitely nothing special to write home about in terms of ambience (although perfectly clean and modern), and we had to wave down our wait boy a couple of times to get service, but the food is definitely worth a visit (or two or three) – crisp, light, flavourful, gently aromatic, and reminded me of Vietnam (right down to food coming in any old sequence!).

Lotus decor

There are some interesting dishes like clear dumplings of tapioca dough filled with pork and shrimp, or rice dough filled with pork, shallots, fungus and boiled egg, or orange, mung bean sprout, carrot, daikon, cucumber salad, or Quang style noodle soup, or grilled pork ribeye steak (it was so tender and wonderfuly marinated we had quite a debate about whether it really was pork given the atypical texture and taste)….  But also some expected favourites like several pho’s, sticky rice in lotus leaf, Saigon crispy rice crepe, caramelised salmon in clay pot with galanga, spring onion, chill and pepper etc.  Check out the full menu here.

Lotus food

The wines were surprisingly pleasant, and even better for being free with a main on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Mondays they do a free entree with each main.

For all of the entree’s and mains, there was just the one dessert – Vietnamese Caramel Cream. And what a one.  It was so good (in all ways) that I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo or I would have totally missed out on my share!  Clearly I must return for another helping.

Lotus food2

This is a valuable wee additional to the Mt Vic area, and I can’t see any reason why one wouldn’t pop by regularly for a quality, cheap, easy and healthy dinner.

Here’s a Stuff review from earlier in the year you might also like to read.

Open 7 days for dinner and Tuesday to Saturday for lunches.

12 Majoribanks Street, Mt Victoria.

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