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Newtown’s Monterey

Another ‘finally’ place.

Monterey is the big brother to Six Barrel Soda (born due to a lack of suitable soda syrups for the Monterey mothership).

And yes, sodas do feature here too.

Monterey table
Monterey is essentially a funky burger and soda joint with extras (craft beers, wines, American BBQ and ‘slaw boards, liquored iced sodas, ice cream soda floats, scrambled tofu and black rum bananas on the brunch menu, etc).

They bake all their own breads, make their own sauces, smoke their own meats (and non-meats), play real vinyl music (diner and country style a’la’Johnny Cash) and clip plain paper on the tables so you can draw and doodle to your heart’s content while dining.

Monterey burger

The BBQ platters or burgers are all $14, the salads all $15 and sides all $3 (how easy is that?), and the meals light and tasty.  The BBQ platter meat (yes I confess, mock duck on this occasion) was definitely smokey and the accompanying charred bread nicely charred.  The burgers were considered the best vegetarian burger ever (haloumi) and tasty beef but a bit thin on the cheese (the cheeseburger!!).

There’s interesting (and probably typical American diner) sides like corn salad, onion rings, ‘slaw and fries, and the staff are relaxed and friendly.

Monterey decor

Be prepared to be crammed in (either with new friends at communal tables or just huddled around a small table), and to have a loud and noisy experience, but that’s absolutely part of the charm and fun of Monterey.

4 Rintoul Street, Newtown.

3pm til late Monday to Thursday, 10 or 11am til late Friday to Sunday.




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