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Little Lottie…

A’la The Whitehouse, Capitol, Logan Brown, Shed 5, etc, Floraditas have also opened a little sister – Loretta, just a few doors up on Cuba.

Loretta menu

With a focus on plants and grains, its a nice change to all the meaty establishments popping up of late.  Like Flo’s there’s also quite a focus on fresh and seasonal, with a daily changing menu (the menu does have the date and day’s weather and then headings like soup, a pie, pate, a pasta, wood fired pizzas, wet risotto etc under which different daily options appear) which is designed to be ‘non-committal dining’ – pretty much the same all day and evening with varying sizes so you can choose whatever suits you at whatever time.

And there truly are some really interesting dishes like:

  • pumpkin, jerusalem artichoke and watercress farro salad
  • golden beetroot, apple, raisin and pea tendril buckwheat salad
  • red rice, kidney bean, quinoa, radicchio, rhubarb and feta salad
  • broccoli, kale and cashew pesto risotto
  • artichoke, green olive and almond pate
  • yellow beets, carrot, coriander and almond wholewheat bites
  • I could go on and on…..

Loretta bfasts

There are some meaty offerings for the carnivores (a half or whole chook, fish, and a beef dish), but the focus is definitely on plants and grains.

For breakfast I have partaken of orange, lemon and brandied sultana warm rice (so good I can still picture and taste it several weeks later….), and the house-made crumpets with quince curd.  Others have had green eggs (pesto and lots of herbs, not something rotten!), waffles with coconut yoghurt (real threads of coconut) and the broken sausage and thyme warm rice and all have been given the thumbs up (the crumpets were pretty small though).

The prices are good ($8 for open wholewheat sandwich bites – like brushettas, the breakfasts between $10 and $16, and the dinners between $18 and $25 – including the half chook), there’s lots of space, and the service is shaping up pretty well (FOH Manager Megan having shifted up the road from Flo’s but all other wait staff are new).

Loretta cakes

Loretta make some of their own sodas (rhubarb and rosewater, feijoa and lime, lemon verbena when last there), do a cold drip coffee, and have a central table with cakes and muffins if that’s all you’re after.  Nice.

The decor is pretty low key and simple and this isn’t a place you’d come for a big evening out, but is most definitely a place to drop by any time.

From 10am (Saturday and Sunday) or 11am (Wednesday to Friday) til 10pm.  Closed Sunday night and all day Monday and Tuesday.

181 Cuba Street.



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