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Loving La Boca Loca

Finally.  Its only taken about three years to get to La Boca Loca in Miramar.  And yep, it was worth getting the car out of the garage.

La Boca decor

The atmosphere is fun and buzzy (read go in a group), the decor bright and interesting (love the fluoro blue), and the food goooood (nary a nacho in sight).

We started with the trio of little bites to acknowledge the weekend of gluttony already under way (a tastebud tingling mix of spicy pumpkin seeds, fried nixtamal corn with salt and chilli spiced peanuts), and then moved right along to the enchilada/taco/burrito section of the menu.

La Boca mains

The sizes (moderate) and prices (around $18) suited us, not being hollow-legged teenagers, and the quality and flavours impressed.  Particularly the hand-made organic corn tortillas of the pescado (at front) – earthy in colour, texture and taste – and the flavours of the chicken enchilada (the influence of the Mexican coriander cream I suspect).  Pleasingly nothing was drowned in salsa, sauce or cheese (the mayo was maybe edging slightly towards heavy handedness).

It was extremely helpful having a full page of descriptors for the Mexican terms and chilli strength, and pleasing to see recognition of their main suppliers at the end too, including the very local Miramar Fruit Supply.

La Boca goodies

One could happily call in here for a casual margarita and nibble at the bar, or a longer dining experience down the back (and there’s no way it’ll be three years this time!).

There’s also quite a range of goodies one can purchase to take home if feeling suitably inspired (tacos, hot sauces, dried chillies, and even banana vinegar and stoneground chocolate).  Nice one La Boca Loca.

19 Park Road, Miramar.

La Boca map



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2 thoughts on “Loving La Boca Loca

  1. Brenda Silson on said:

    Loved your spicy pumpkin seeds when we ate there two weekends ago! Do you share your recipes?

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