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Viva Veni Vedi Vici! (now Cin Cin)

No I am not following David Burton around (is he following me?).

Veni Vidi Vici signHaving been to Veni Vedi Vici on Cuba Street twice now (in the former Istanbul restaurant space), I can say that they do what they do very well. Especially the service (jokingly offering over the phone to find me more friends when I rang to reduce the booking numbers!).

Mostly Italian offerings (with a smattering of Spanish), the atmosphere is warm and inviting, the food is good, and the wines interesting (virtually all European, and they are happy to give advice and tasters to help understand what the offerings are).  Nice.

Veni Vidi Vici foodSo the menu is made up of mostly pasta and pizzas with a couple of bigger mains, and the pastas nearly all in small or large to suit.  The pasta is all handmade and the pizzas thin crust.

I particularly liked that my Bolognese was a mix of beef and pork mince (a little sweeter and less intense), without a sauce drowning everything, and the pasta was perfectly al dente yet tender.

The other dishes around the table all got the thumbs up – the calamari, the proscuitto-wrapped melon, the pizza (again not wet or soggy), the salmon main, and the seafood linguine (lots of large seafood).  All presented nicely on stylish black plates.

Veni Vidi Vici wallOn Friday evening’s there’s live music which adds a nice ambience, and when the place is full, there’s a fair old buzz going on naturally (beware it can be a bit noisy though if you’re after a quiet intimate dinner).

The owner has been around Wellington for some time building in size as he goes along (originally Cubita cafe on Taranaki – good coffee, then partnering in Napoli pizza on Courtenay – good pizza), so we wish him well at Veni Vedi Vici .

I think it’s fair to say we came, we saw and we conquered and we will be back (and check out the fab leadlight-styled lights over the bar too when you visit).

156 Cuba Street.

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