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The Mt Vic Chippery

Mt Vic ChipperyFinally.

An evening without a 60 minute wait (25 tonight and I think that was between waves if the number of people jammed into the Chippery when we went back to collect was anything to go by; since it had seemed rude not to pop across to the Black Sparrow for an ale while waiting).

The fish was fresh and tasty (although not sure I’d go the herb crumb with parmesan coating again, which turned out to be mostly herbs stuck to the fish with melted parmesan and nary a crumb in sight), the presentation suitably classy (individual branded boxes) and the hand cut agria fries outstanding (large, fleshy, crispy exterior, soft interior, and the small portion so large I shared with new friends also enjoing the evening sun down at the waterfront).

Mt Vic Chippery agria

So although not the usual fish’n’chip cheap, I was very happy to pay for a high quality and highly satisfying treat.  And I liked that my groper was line caught.

Its quite a fun process to (1) select your fish, (2) select your fish’s coat, (3) select the accompanying fries, and (4) select any sauce.  There’s at least half a dozen selections under each of those categories, as well as many other additional offerings (burgers, fish bites, etc).

Yep, I think they just might take the title for best fish’n’chips in the city.

Mt Vic Chippery box5 Majoribanks Street, Mt Victoria.



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