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Shed 5, still going strong

Shed 5‘s premises have been somewhat taken over by the Crab Shack of late, so it was interesting to have dinner there and see how they’re faring.

The food was still of the quality and presentation we’ve had before, but the overall feel is a little more casual than it once was.

Shed 5 tuna cappacio
The staff are shared between the Crab Shack and Shed 5, which shows in the less polished service.  On the night we visited, wrong drinks arrived, a wrong meal was delivered and while they managed that well and were friendly and willing, it just didn’t quite have the same class.

Shed 5 has also become the corridor between the bar (in the former Green Room end of the building) and the Crab Shack, so there’s a little more noise and distraction in the background.

Having said all that, the dishes we had were all delicious, prettily plated and with interesting ingredients (tuna carpaccio with coriander, nahm jim, coconut gel, lychee and apple salad, crispy shallots; Atlantic scallops with popcorn and ham hock grits, wasabi pea dust; bluenose on cauliflower puree with smoked fish kedgeree and piccalilli….).

Shed 5 scallops

And the prices do reflect the slightly less formal positioning of Shed 5 (sensible in the current climate I think), so still very good pricing for the quality of food served – entrees probably the most expensive feeling at $18-$23 (but including scallops, salmon caviar, a selection of oysters etc, ingredients which don’t come cheap), mains in the $28-$32 range (you might need a side if not doing all courses), and desserts $13-$15 (the Spanish chocolate fudge figs were definitely calling my name if only I’d had time).

With their own filleting room and fishmonger, Shed 5 still rate in the top 3 seafood restaurants for me in Wellington.

Queens Wharf.

shed 5 map

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