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Mama Brown’s on Tory

So Wholly Bagels on the corner of Tory and Wakefield has made way for an American of another kind – Mama Brown’s.

A casual and fun diner doing Mexican and South American food.  The décor, tableware and music are all lively, and the food down home and satisfying.

Mama Browns french toastThe breakfast menu offered some interesting choices – home-made coco pops (nobody chose those so can’t report on the difference), almond stuffed french toast with sour cherry salsita (can report that was interesting and different and you need to like almond), spiced porridge with grated apples, cherries and honeyed pecans (eyeing that up for next time), american buttermilk scones (a staple through the menu), a bacon and egg sammie made using the scones, breakfast burritos and more.

Lunch moves onto a large range of tacos and sliders at $6, with various burritos, meatballs, salads and stews to compliment, and a range of Baby Brown snacks for the little ones.

Even the drinks had some interesting options like Coconut Rough Rooibos, White Tropical Glow white tea, guava / tamarind / lime / mango Jarritos, and Mama browns milkshakesa whole range of American-style milkshake flavours (chocolate brownie, kitkat, peanut, salted caramel) in REAL milkshake vessels.

The long black was indeed American-sized and came with a piece of pleasantly light shortbread (had us fooled by appearance into thinking it would be biscotti).

And the one who took away the doorstopper-sized chocolate brownie from the counter, and the judgement was dense, fudgey, rich and delicious (although best to be shared with a friend given the size!).

The staff were welcoming and friendly, and on a nice day with the big glass doors open I imagine it would feel a bit like being at home with friends.

The salted caramel milkshake definitely appealed, so it might be porridge and milkshake for another breakfast soon…

250 Wakefield Street on the corner of Tory.


mama browns map

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