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Wellington on a Plate 2013 (Part 2)

And so it continues.

This week included the Hummingbird Craydaddy burger, the Le Cordon Bleu Haute Cuisine du Terroir, and the Ti Kouka dine set menu.  Mmmm mmmm.


The Craydaddy burger didn’t quite reach the score of the Moolander or High-5 sliders of last week, but was still pretty good.  Their hand made bun was delicious, the cray tender and fries suitably both crispy and feathery. There could have been a little less mayo in the burger for this kid to showcase the cray even further, but I freely admit to a low tolerance of fatty things so I might just be the minority on that thought.

The LCB evening was fantastic, interesting and long.  The intended three-hour event took nearly five and I’m sure all parties were feeling it by the end!  The students did a superb job, with each of the seven courses (plus palate-cleansing gorgeous pear granita, so really eight) hand-crafted and effortful.  LCB ham hock terrine

Dishes included warm goats cheese gougeres, ham hock terrine (check out the presentation in the glasses),  confit pave of salmon larded (stuffed) with smoked eel, roast breast of qual on duck ballontine, snail and parsnip millefeuille, and on it goes….

The point to the evening was french food matched with both a french bordeaux and a Martinborough equivalent at each course (other than first two) for comparison of old to new world.  The winemakers each introduced their wines and spent the night doing a kind of speed dating around the tables to chat to guests.

LCB wine colours

It felt like there were many courses with pinot noirs (but in reality only three), a kir, a gewurtztraminer, chardonnays, and a sticky/method traditionelle comparison finale with the dessert.  Such pretty colours in the glasses at times when comparing.  My favourites – the french chardonnay and the Palliser Estate Methode Traditionelle with the cassis bavarois.

What a big and wonderful effort from LCB. Look out for other events from them in the future.


And Ti Kouka?  Quintessential, clever Ti Kouka.

My picks from the ‘dine’ menu (as the burger had run out, doh!) – Wairarapa Eco Farm Jerusalem artichoke soup with pulled Longbush pork and Zany Zeus smoked yoghurt (so I still managed to get some of that delish pork!), and pear and ”Willis Street” sticky honey pudding with Pinnacle Grove walnut crunch.

Ti K artichoke soup

I think I now rest.  As do all the providers who’ve worked like crazy people to bring us this wonderful event.

Long live WOAP!

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