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Wellington on a Plate 2013 (Part 1)

I have to talk about this, sorry!  There’s just so much wonderful food around at the moment.  And the good news is there’s still a week left to partake in many of these…

Muse pork pieFirstly, the set dinner at Muse on Allen.  Elegant refined food heading into fine dining territory. They definitely deserve their 2013 WOAP restaurant award (pictured here the Goodbye Pork Pie entree). The only issue I have with Muse is each time I come away thinking they’re in the fine dining territory in terms of food (portion size, cleverness, pricing) but their environment  and service isn’t what you’d expect for fine dining so there’s a sight disconnect for me.

Portlander moolander


Secondly, the Portlander moolander burger. Pretty damned good and very filling.  A decent wagyu pattie, and divine truffle steak fries.  I particularly liked the bun being brioche for something different.

Zico salmon burger


Thirdly, the Zico Salmon Flatbread burger.  Extremely delicious and very nicely done in my opinion. Georgous bread, tender salmon, fantastic polenta fries, and incredibly tasty pesto beneath a ball of bocconcini.


Then the Kai and Kakapo at Zealandia.  In the interests of not repeating myself too much, follow this link to my Wellingtonista post which has all the details (photos here because it was just so pretty).  But suffice it to say that this one has stayed strongly in the memory and was impressively done (including them growing and harvesting all their own natives for it).

Zealandia entreeZealandia dessert







Sadly French chocolat was cancelled on Friday due to pesky earthquakes (building needing inspection and clearance before re-use) and it’s likely to be re-scheduled for this coming Friday when one has other foodie engagements, doh!  Will have to live vicariously through a friend for that one now.

And lastly (for this week), the Artisan high-5 sliders. Delightfully presented, interestingly different, and mostly pretty tasty (I wasn’t such a fan of the dessert one as the mousse squished – technical word – straight out the side and the proportion of donut to filling was a bit much for me).

One week to go, bring it on….!

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