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WBC – Wholesale Boot Company

So upstairs on Victoria just a smidgen along from Tatsushi, is the new venture from the Capitol folks – the WBC restaurant.

The environment is welcoming and cosy, and its kind of neat being able to watch the world go by below.

WBC decor

Narry an old boot to be seen, but a small ‘standard’ menu of tasting plates, a couple of mains (mostly designed for two), and a handful of desserts are doubled by the chef’s daily specials on the wall (tasting plates, mains and desserts).

There was also a similar sized spread of NZ and international wines, a few beers (some heading towards crafty and some more mainstream), and for this kid several delectable sherries. Nice!

Liking to spread my taste experiences as far and wide as possible, I chose two tasting plates (new season scallops on egg yolk with potato and confit garlic, and mushrooms on bruschetta with vinegar), while he indoors chose a main (confit duck sausage on ginger kumara mash with greens).

WBC menu

All were good flavoured, but the main was a little skimpy for $28 (in my view maybe $22 worth), so we followed with desserts which were nicely done (roasted pears with thyme honey and hazelnut praline, and banana chocolate donuts), and mostly filled the gap.

Currently WBC are doing early pre-show dinners (ergo be done by 7.30ish) until they see / decide how evenings are going to go.  And beware you can’t book for the evenings, so its another take-your-chance spot.

WBC plates

For me, I think they might fit nicely in the nibble-and-drink-before-heading-elsewhere space (as commented in this Stuff article).

But the food is definitely Capitol quality.

1st Floor, 107 Victoria Street.






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