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Monteiths Wild Food Challenge time again…

And fortuitously ending up at Fork and Brewer in Bond Street.

Wild Food sign

Wild Dim Sim three ways – wild goat dumplings with leek, garlic and chili paired with chili oil; wild wallaby wontons, wallaby and rice noodle mix marinated in hoisin, sweet chili and ABC sauces, paired with .50 caliber hot sauce; wild boar spring rolls of cider slow braised boar, cabbage, carrot and English mustard. Accompanied by a bowl of noodles, vegetables and Asian-style master stock.


The platter was extremely well presented and I liked the effort in creating a number of different experiences within an overall themed (and complementary) dish.

Wild food platter

The Challenge menu came as a mini scroll topped and tailed by two empty bullet shells too.  Nicely done.

The goat and wallaby parcels in themselves weren’t strongly flavoured (and the dumplings a smidgen chewy at the top where they were gathered), but good meaty textures and lifted by the sauces in the bullet shells.  The boar spring rolls were stronger in flavour, and the accompanying Asian noodles and Double Hopped IPA all complemented well (and I wouldn’t usually vote for an IPA at all).

Kudos to the Manager who (a) noticed me struggling to get one of the bullet shells out of its platter mooring without splattering all and sundry and (b) immediately raced out to the kitchen to grab me another.

Wild Food dessert

And at the end of that little lot, there was the offering of a $3 mini-dessert of vanilla ice cream with ginger and nut praline crumbs, as they’d noticed a number of people not getting through the whole bottle of IPA with the platter (of course he who had a boring burger fancied a little dessert too, so beer cinnamon donuts also found their way to our table!).

The staff at Fork and Brewer have always been spot on in my times there, and their standard ‘pub’ menu has some interesting offerings (manuka smoked duck salad), so worth a visit even if you’re not Wild Fooding.

As to the rest of the July Challenge, I’m rather fancying the SOI ‘History of the Hunt’ rabbit offering and the Realm Bar and Bistro ‘Wild Boar Meatball Burger’ (the appeal of rewana (Maori) bread with hand cut chunky kumara wedges alongside wild boar).

Have you got your Wild Food game on?








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