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Cafe Polo, Miramar

Finally, an opportunity to take my out-of-town friend to Polo.  Named for the nearby Miramar Polo grounds (back in the 1800’s – didn’t spot too many horses galloping past the other night!), and focused on local suppliers and slow food principles.

Polo puffs

Over several years I’ve had a delicious weekend brunch there, food from Polo at the City Market, and a vegetarian degustation at a prior Wellington on a Plate event.  All exceptionally good.

On this night it was deliciously warm inside (Wellington storm weekend), and the staff were bang on the money as usual.

To start – a sharing of Zany Zeus feta cheese puffs with organic honey and thyme (they had a smokey taste with a soft filling so I wonder if the feta had been whipped with a little of Zany Zeus’s award winning smoked yoghurt?).

Polo tortelini

Followed by the roast pork loin and slow braised pork cheek, mustard mash, greens and apple puree for her (considered extremely satisfying in the tummy), and the smoked goats cheese tortellini with roasted baby vegetables for the other her (slightly less smokey than the starter but delicious and oh so pretty).

Finished with a divine caramel pudding cake with apple, walnut toffee and dates (for the glutton) and handmade Polo chocolate truffle and hot chocolate (for the more restrained).

Polo dessert

There are so many delicious things on all of their menus, I shall have to make a more concerted effort to visit Polo more regularly (perhaps winter weather is the perfect excuse for a drive?).

This is a popular place, so it is wise to book.

And note they don’t do Sundays, unless you join their email list and partake of some Sunday specialty occasions.

Corner Rotheram Terrace and Para Street, Miramar.










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One thought on “Cafe Polo, Miramar

  1. Polo! It’s probably my favourite in Wellington.

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