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Crab Shack (carved off Shed 5)

Well since everybody seems to be talking about the Crab Shack, I figured I might as well too!

Shed 5 has been reinvented into two halves, the continuing Shed 5 as we all know it (albiet more tables into a smaller space with a few smaller bistro style tables for 2) and the new casual quasi-American Crab Shack in the previous bar area (Shed 5’s bar is now where the Green Room was).

Crab Shack menu

Like other recent Wellington additions, Crab Shack follows the model of no bookings (unless 10pax or more), hang out in the bar and spend some $ on drinks and/or nibbles whilst waiting, mostly tapas and sharing style food which comes in any sequence, lower price points, and pressure on to move along once finished to turn tables over.

Crab Shack burger

The environment is warm and welcoming (a little too much for this kid though when the kitchen staff yelled out ‘Fire in the Kitchen’ after flaming something in a frypan, followed by staff yelling back ‘Its Getting Hot in Here’ – really?), music is lively and fun, staff friendly and slick, and food quality good (and quick!).

On this occasion him indoors had the fish burger (had been reliably informed burgers at CS were large and tasty, and that’s certainly true) and she had the crab cake and dutch babies (essentially yorkshire pud with liquid parmesan cheese sauce inside).  The 1kg pottle of Nelson crab is being held until a return dinner club visit shortly to share with others.

Crab Shack decor

Desserts are very slim pickings (3 only the cynic in me contemplated while thinking about table turnover times) and drinks well priced.  And the side of creamed corn presented in a wee jar worked really well for dipping one’s fries (whether intentional or not!).

One could also tick off the year’s camping expedition given eating off enamel plates, using chequered napkins, and being near flames and heat from the open kitchen right alongside.  And watching the communal ceiling mounted tv unit running the daily specials or old music videos.

Beware though CS is quite noisy, so definitely a place for fun rather than serious conversation.

Outdoor seating in summer.

Queens Wharf.

Crab shack beanbags.jpg







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