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Cinta Malaysian Kitchen

Cinta on Manners Street has been mentioned to me by three people lately as really good, so I made an effort to truck on down and see for myself.

Cinta sign

We went for mid-week date night (Wednesday) and the place was very busy, with a number of bigger groups (methinks Vic University graduates each brandishing their own bottle of wine to continue their graduation day celebrations), so we lucked into the only (just vacated) space available.

To be honest, although my lemon chicken was clean, fresh and crisp (and I enjoyed it), his beef koong po was reported as a bit salty and slightly chewy.  So not super-outstanding.

Cinta food

However the helpings are generous, and the prices cheap ($10-$12 per main, $6 for a perfectly pleasant glass of wine), so I can see why it potentially rates well.

The setting is very simple and plain, but the service respectful and efficient.

Given I quite like a little ambience when I’m dining (other than that provided by nearby big groups), I’d potentially come here for takeaways more than a dine-in experience, as there are other cheapies in places life Leftbank, or tucked around Victoria, or around Allen and Blair, which have have a bit more ambience going on as well for that all round experience.

1/119 Manners Street

Cinta map



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