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Floradita’s finesse

Rather than just popping in with tour guests for a quick taster (Zest Food Tours of New Zealand), I finally got in to enjoy lunch with friends at Flo’s.

Flos baked ricottaAmong six of us we had fish pie with watercress and lemon; fresh ham off the bone with poached eggs and hollandaise on toast; grated courgette, mint, ricotta and parmesan frittata with microgreen salad; baked ricotta, radish, cherry tomato and tarragon salad with rosemary slipper bread; roasted aubergine, mint and paprika risotto with herbed creme fraiche; and a specially-requested potato and bacon hash plagiarised from a couple of other dishes (which they were happy to knock together).

Sound delicious?  Yep, it was.
Flos courgette fritter

Good service?  As always.

A level of finesse not found at other nearby places charging the same?  Yep again.

(Having said all that, you’d need to pick your dishes to fill up hungry teenagers here, or be prepared to go through several plates.)

Tis why they’re always heaving at the seams and do very little advertising.

Off course some of us had planned well to leave room for ‘dessert’ (Flo’s famed baking, for which they win awards), and had a delightful time with chocolate cake and fig/almond tart, while others finished off with another coffee (Supreme).

Wonderful food and fine friends at one of Cuba’s institutions, what more could a girl ask?

161 Cuba Street

Flos map

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3 thoughts on “Floradita’s finesse

  1. No surcharge on holiday either! Another place we’ll have to mark off for future Wellie visits.

  2. Oh I do love Floridita’s! It’s got to be my favourite place in Wellington, I’ve never had a bad meal there yet – and I visit a lot!

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