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Prefab, Jessie Street

Prefab is the latest venture of Jeff Kennedy and Bridget Dunn (ex Cafe L’Affare), and at its heart aims to provide a place for ‘community’ both in location and attitude.

Prefab room

As previously reported in the local media, there are few other well-experienced Wellington hospo people along on this venture – Rob Wilkinson (formerly Capitol), Jonathan England (formerly Two Rooms, Miramar) and various former L’Affare staff.

Prefab has a long open counter/kitchen, with coffee roasting at one side of the cafe (under the Acme brand) and a bakery at the other side (where you can buy your daily bread – check out the snake and heart breads below!).

Prefab breads

The feel of the cafe is a little school cafeteria, with a mix of individual and sharing tables, all supporting the ‘community’ feel.  Being a busy time (1pm), and a singleton, I was placed at the bar, which proved a good spot to watch all the industry going on.

The food is all menu/wait-served, and ranges from traditional breakfast (muesli and yoghurt) to the slightly different (Berlin brekkie of fresh bread, cheese, tomato, meats, jam and egg), and progresses through the day with a number of sandwich (hot and cold) options, and a range of salads and more substantial meals.

Prefab easter bun

On my quick stop today I only had room for a small sampling, so I enjoyed a house-made Easter bun (light, spicy and nicely glazed) with preserved orange marmalade (very well balanced and not the usual bitterness marmalades tend to have), and eyed up all the other menu items to consider on return.

I noticed my neighbour’s tomato and avocado on toast was just that – rustic and generous.

There’s a strong focus on fresh and simple here, and nothing is above $20.

So I shall definitely be back for a fuller experience to see if these initial positive impressions continue.  And I will have a coffee to see how the new roast is developing.

Prefab avocado tomato

The only slight criticism today was waiting a fair time seated at the bar before anyone came to take an order or bring water.  And then I was checked by three.  It was 1pm lunchtime with a fairly packed house (they do hold a lot of people), so I won’t hold that against them for now.

14 Jessie Street, WellingtonPrefab map



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3 thoughts on “Prefab, Jessie Street

  1. Sue McLeary on said:

    I also loved the buzzy and stylish feel of the place although I do see what you mean by school cafeteria-like. My cheese scone was served with tomato chilli jam which was a nice change and the coffee was good. My only grizzle is that (like l’Affare) it’s not clear enough for especially first-time visitors if you are supposed to wait for someone to seat you or take a DIY approach. Also there as a curious singleton, I felt rather waif-and-stray like for a while but after asking a passing staff member what to do found the number of places for solo venturers to sit very handy. Interesting and well-priced food – I shall return for a proper meal soon.

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