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Pickle Jar pizza…

An evening with friends at Karori and a 2-metre pizza.  Yep, you heard it here, a 2m pizza.  At the Pickle Jar Neighbourhood Pub.

Pickle Jar pizza

They actually sell them in 1/2m and 1m lengths but offered us 2m for $90 given there were 10 of us.

And the most impressive thing (other than the pomegranate – not pink mind – shirt wearer)? One person carrying this long (weighty) board alone and skilfully sliding it down the centre of the table.

We chose four toppings – Margeurita (simple and traditional), Capricciosa (artichokes, salami, olives, Il Zucca (chicken, pumpkin, zucchini, pinenuts) and Amore (pepperoni, choirzo, ham, bacon, bbq sauce).

The pizza was thin crust and the toppings plentiful.

Verrrrrrry impressive.  And about the right amount for 10 (not bad at $9 each).

For another occasion we noted the gourmet pizza selections including venison, lamb shank and scotch fillet.  Also by the 1/2m.

The pomegranate shirt-wearer decided on a pint of beer brewed for the Pickle Jar, and it delightfully came in a pickle jar with a handle.

Again, a nice touch.

Pickle Jar pickles

There are also a range of pickle jars around the place, including all sorts of interesting fruits and vegetables above the bar (animal, vegetable, mineral?), candle holders hanging on the wall out front, and many of the light fittings throughout the bar.

For a sunny afternoon there was outside seating on a pleasant-looking deck, and the service was friendly and helpful.

Again for another occasion, a dessert of cheesecake in a jar was spied on the menu, so that sounds worth a look (purely for research purposes you understand).

This is definitely another place worthy of a visit, even though it might be slightly off your normal beaten path.

And any kids around (big and small) will love it.

They do also offer a range of mains and non-pizza meals, but I really think you’d have to come here for pizza.

Found at 5 Parkvale Road, Karori.

Do have a look at their website too.  Quite funky with more to come.

Pickle Jar Pint






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