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Artisan Restaurant @ The Bolton Hotel

I’ve been intending to head here for a while to check out the revamped restaurant – a la Artisan – when a daily voucher passed through my inbox.  Perfect.  And I’ve just been back for their Wellington on a Plate burger entry (mmmm, a sweet burger), which I’ll tell you about in another WOAP blog.

The restaurant is much warmer in decor and temperature, with red walls, kiwiana wall decorations and even some relaxed bench seating.

The menu too has been modified to include a comfort food section in the lower $30’s price range – dishes like mum used to make (eg. meatloaf and roast potatoes, pork schnitzel and baked potato) – alongside the normal main section in the mid to late $30’s.

For the mains, you now choose the two sides you’d like and what sauce.  And as those are included in the price, it all feels a bit more reasonable all round.

Entrees range from light at $8 to the larger or more complex at $16 (nicely presented scallops with black pudding on apple puree.

In terms of unique touches, there were several that were interesting and memorable….

Not least being the size of the steak knife.

And the condiment basket that arrived to complement the mains.

And the personally chosen sauce arriving with the main in its own little jar.

(Roasted duck breast with kumara croquette and mixed salad)

All in all a very pleasant experience, in a very pleasant setting, at prices comparable to the rest of town for pretty nice food.  Will definitely consider coming here from time to time and recommending to guests down this parliament end of town.


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