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Six Barrel Soda Co

UPDATE: Now relocated to a bigger production facility and no longer open to the public, but you’ll find SBS drinks all over the city and their products at Moore Wilson, among others.

Having previously spied this new offering in the old Eva Dixons on Dixon Street whilst at  Crumpet, we duly made it along there to try the sodas.

And what delicious fun!

The Six Barrel Soda Co make onsite and  offer interesting seasonal flavours like cherry and pomegranate, ginger and lime, vanilla cream, kola nut…

I decided I’d have mine (ginger and lime) as a float, and was pleased to find a quality ice cream in use – Heilala vanilla bean.

The ginger and lime were well balanced and not overpowering.

Given we’d just had breakfast we didn’t partake of the food offerings, but there was a very tempting array of sliders (mini-burgers taking the world by storm currently) with tasty-sounding fillings like smoky tofu or haloumi (yes, yes, and meat options), all accompanied by kettle fries (who remember the days of kettle fries??), and various other bagels, weekend eggs many ways and nibbles.

Something else that took my attention was the offering of iced black filter coffee.  Interesting. These guys make me think of Memphis Belle and Lamason in terms of young enthusiastic folk doing their thing simply and well.

The syrups are available for purchase at the cafe, as well as a few other select spots (Find our Soda!) around town.

Sitting at the window bench on a cold wintery (but sunny) day soaking up some rays, I decided I’d definitely be back to try the vanilla cream soda and maybe a slider with kettle fries.

And to cap it off on leaving, I noted home-made oreos and pop-tarts on the counter. With a teenager in the household recently enamoured of pop-tarts, I suspect a visit next weekend when she’s here might be in order…..

Six Barrell Soda flight

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