For worthy eating and drinking experiences around Wellington, NZ (and the greater region) – you can also catch Heather out and about hosting Zest Food Tours around the city…

Higher Taste vegetarian

For those wanting a simple, quick and inexpensive vegetarian meal you can’t go past Higher Taste in the basement of the Old Bank Arcade (or not down the  business end of town anyway).

Run by the Hare Krishnas, this is a buffet style restaurant, where you simply choose the size plate (or takeaway container) you fancy, pay ($10.50 to $15) and go forth.  Simple but pleasant stews, salads, rice, crispy potatoes, flaky hollow light breads (like mini parathas), proteiny add-ons (curd steak in delicious sauce that you either love or hate) and one or two sweet dishes.  You do pay an extra $2 per curd steak.

Way faster than other fast food outlets, and a peaceful environment to eat in.  The only extra requirement is putting your plate and cutlery onto the clean-up trolley at the end.  Run by volunteers as part of the Hare Krishna spiritual practice, with information around about Ayurvedic and massage offerings if interested (no pushing at all).  Also at 117 Taranaki Street.

Simple, quick, inexpensive and healthy food on the run.  What more could you need between work and the movies? (the El Bulli documentary, but that’s a whole other story…..)







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