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Havana bar and tapas

Thanks to one of the dinner clubs, there we were at Havana restaurant and bar in Wigan Street.

This is one of the gems of Wellington in my book (er, blog).  A fabulous building decked out Cuban-style with lots of nooks and crannies, to enjoy a drink or nibble.  And an eclectic mix of decor and art, which give all those nooks and crannies individual moods. Very cool.

The restaurant is in the half of the building that formerly housed the Havana roastery (now in larger premises up Tory Street), and specialises in tapas style sharing plates.  Delights such as hot red pepperdews stuffed with persian feta and toasted hazelnuts, sauteed prawns in kahmiri chilli and garlic, crisp haloumi with sweet red pepper relish and rosemary oil, pork fillet wrapped in jamon serrano with cranberry and fennel (pictured), grilled aubergine with persian feta and pomegranate, and on it goes… (drooling yet?).

Havana bar

Given there were five of us and we decided to choose two dishes each for sharing, we managed to cover a fair chunk of the offerings (including dessert tastings for some of the group).  All were interesting and well done.  The only disclaimer I’d make here is that you can expect to spend a bit as the plates are a small tasting size, and you may need a few.  You are essentially paying for the complexity and interest factor as opposed to quantity.

Also of note was the armchair in the ladies toilet (in case you need to wait for a friend?), and the upside-down decorated canoe hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant.

Havana stock a good range of drinks and bar nibbles (extracted off the tapas menu), including some interesting sounding cocktails.  I was eyeing up a rum with maple syrup concoction which sounded a bit like me should I be going back there for a drink sometime as opposed to dining.

All in all, a highly recommended experience.

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2 thoughts on “Havana bar and tapas

  1. Kate McDavitt on said:

    Definitely one I’d go back to. Having a taste of lots of dishes is my idea of heaven – particularly when they are all so yummy!

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