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Long Bar Malaysian, Brandon Street

We have been to Long Bar a couple of times over the years, and found it to be pleasant enough.  It does always seem to be busy, so must have a bit of a following.

Tonight we shared entrees of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves (meaty with subtle flavour) and fried pork dumplings.  As reviewed by Wellingtonista recently, the chicken is probably the more interesting of those entrees, although both were a pleasant way to start and quite well presented (no photos sorry as I forgot to take my phone, but see the photos on the Wellingtonista review above).

For mains I tried one of the vegetarian dishes (they do have a very extensive menu, so you will need time to contemplate all the options) – the mock lamb and vegetables in oyster sauce.  The mock lamb is made from mushroom stalks, and is really very tasty.  A colour, texture and look not dissimilar to lamb, but without the chewiness, and with a umami-type savoury taste.  Nice.  The dish overall was nothing startling being essentially just a plate (large) of vegetables with half a dozen or so pieces of mock lamb scattered through in a standard oyster sauce.  But definitely somewhere I could take the vego stepkids and have plenty of different choices for them.

Him indoors chose the kapitan chicken (a signature dish of Long Bar), being hot spicy chicken with onion on a bed of red crunchy cabbage.  And he did break out in a sweat with the acknowledgement that it was hot.  His other comment was that it probably had too much chicken by comparison to other components of the dish (and he’s a big protein eater).

Although the service is typically fairly sparse, it was efficient and our waitress did check that him indoors knew his dish would be hot and I knew mine was mock lamb when we ordered.  Good checking.

The service and food was prompt, and the place seems to run on a well oiled [non-smelly!] rag.  And is cheap and cheerful.  What more could you want for a quick, multi-choiced, vegetarian friendly inner city meal option?

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