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Arashi, Courtenay Place

So off to Sherlock Holmes with friends last week, and a graze afterwards.  Given we saw Sherlock at Reading (as entertaining as number one, with a very clever finish…), somewhere cheap, cheerful and nearby was in order.  And so we proceeded to Arashi (thanks Andrea!) for a bite of Japanese.

This was a Wednesday night, and the place was full of large groups, so noisy as a noisy thing (not for you Mr Sharp), but still fun.

The boys opted for a Japanese $40 tankard of Asahi beer (which seemed to be the gift that kept on giving, for at least 7-8 glasses worth – very impressive!), whilst the girls tended towards the wines.

A variety of food was ordered and consumed (relatively promptly too), and all commented as  tasty and of pleasing quality.  Presentation again was very good (some non-Japanese restaurants could easily sustain a lesson or two…), with the pork dumplings arriving in their own wooden box, and those of us with tempura mains receiving them on wooden dishes that made one think of punts (boating variety).

The assorted tempura main came with about 10 pieces, of which 5 were a mix of seafood – large shrimp, crab, fish, scallop – and the rest a mix of vegetables – cauli, capsicum, pumpkin, bean  – all in a very light tempura batter with accompanying home-made dipping sauce.

The menu is fairly extensive, with a large selection of skewered dishes (being a kushiyaki restaurant), sushi, sashimi, rice, noodles, tempura etc.  For dishes in the $18-$20ish range, of good presentation and quality, this is definitely a place worth going.



41 Courtenay Place




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