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Chocolate Fish BBQ kai moana

Finally.  I’ve managed to get to the Chocolate Fish, mark II (as they say on their teeshirts), at  100 Shelley Bay Road.

Given the history of the Chocolate Fish as a Wellington icon, and troubles when they had to move from their Scorching Bay premises, it’s really pleasing to see them continuing to do well in their new spot.  They claim to open 7 days rain or shine, and today being the ‘2nd’ boxing day (when many others are closed) and sunny, they were indeed going full noise.

On moving to Shelley Bay, the focus is now on food that can be cooked on a BBQ, and served on paper plates (sturdy though!) with plastic cutlery in tune with BBQ food.   There are lots of different spaces to sit and eat, both out the front, inside and out back, some in the shade and some in full sun.  For the true sun bunnies there are large bean bags out on the front lawn also. Cool.

Two staff man the large BBQs just inside the cafe entrance, with the food revolving around sandwiches using fresh Italian loaf bread, and a special focus on seafood. Ergo fish sammies (using fresh fish of the day), scallop sammies, crayfish fritter sammies, whatever-seafood-is-in-season sammies.  Also a large range of egg based brekkie sammies (done in a style between scrambled and omelette on the BBQ plate), and other brunchy options like corn fritter and bacon sammie, bacon and black pudding sammie, steak sammie, porcetta sammie and on it goes….

There are a couple of salad type dishes served in real plates with real cutlery (chickpea and  lemon celery salad was one today) to cater for those who don’t/can’t eat bread/gluten.  And of course, their signature chocolate cake with that lovely dark oozing chocolate icing and the chocolate fish on top of each piece.  In the time were were there (maybe an hour?), they were onto the second large cake brought to the cabinet.

An extra ‘dessert’ available today was a punnet of strawberries with cream for $5. And there are various other cakey slicey options available for after the sammie. Water comes with funky plastic mugs to complete the kiwi beach bach style.

And in keeping with tradition, they have their original mix of quirky tables and chairs all individually painted, including many pieces of old chairs nailed to the wall as art (spot the stepdaughter on the Spongebob chair keenly trying to avoid being in the photo!), and lots of other fab paintings and art.  Very cool.  Very iconic.  Very tasty. Very worth going to.

The BBQ is fired up 10am – 4pm 7 days, rain or shine…


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    take me there, heath

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