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Mulberry Garden, Willis Street – one to watch…

Next door to the Quoil jewellery shop on upper Willis Street is a cafe space at 149 which has seen a few iterations over recent years.  From Roti Malaysian, to the first Meow, to Ciocco to the current Mulberry Garden Cafe and Bar.

The new owner seems to be starting quietly, but has plans afoot to open up an outdoor garden bar down the back around the mulberry tree already basking in the sun.  I do like that its a long thin cafe with an ‘old-building’ type of facade, and opens out to more once you’re through the door.  Bit like opening a box of chocolates really and maybe discovering something really tasty.  And it did inspire me to do a bit of googling about mulberry trees, just out of general nosiness.

The breakfasts we had were very reasonably priced (in fact I wonder if they can keep the prices down that low over time?), and pleasant.  I did eye up the creamy blue cheese mushrooms on toast, but the stomach wasn’t quite up to that task so early in the day.  Maybe a Saturday brunch return in the future at a civilised time to test these out.  Instead I chose the Italian fruit bread with lemon curd, and R chose the usual toast and peanut butter.

His toast and peanut butter could have been improved by providing grainy or interesting toast (was simple white loaf – but at least fresh and chunky and not tip top square sliced!) or crunchy peanut butter to provide some texture.  Mine was very pleasant and reasonably dense for fruit bread, and two pieces would have been well sufficient.  The coffee was a bit thin, and it appeared that our lad was perhaps newish at baristering, and not yet blasting along confidently multi-tasking at the machine.

The lunch menu looked to have a good range of meal options alongside the cabinet food so definitely one to watch I think and worth popping in if you’re in the neighbourhood for a well priced filling meal in a space still peaceful.


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