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Fork and Brewer, Bond Street

And so the Wednesday night wander has rolled around again (along with the rain). Having wandered past the Fork and Brewer on the weekend and thinking we should try it out again (having only been for a beer previously), here we are…

The boys from Malthouse are the main drivers behind this consortium, and they know what they’re doing in terms of decor, details and customer service.  There are lots of interesting little touches like different handles on all of the beer taps (and there are many) from utensils to tools to a hose head to a gun, a mix of booths, leaners, tables, balcony and relaxing couchy spaces, and a xmas tree made of beer bottles with twinkly lights.  Cute.

AND the brewing tanks and equipment are in the process of being installed (we wondered if they might be ex-Macs actually).  In fact, we had a wee table overlooking  the balcony right where they lifted another big piece of brewery structure in whilst we were there.  Entertainment as well as food and drink!

So the drink of the night was a Renaissance Barley Wine (one keg only available), which would have been rude to go past.  Actually it was rather unexpected.  We were imagining a pale drink like a dry lager.  But in fact it was rich amber, almost a bit thick in taste like a light stout, quite sweet and definitely not hoppy (yay!).  Very tasty.  Unlike in Vanuatu (where I discovered their beers are quite light, sweetish and not hoppy), I restrained myself from drinking all of R’s beer tonight.

And the meals were perfectly pleasant.  In fact probably a notch above that.  I had a light  Tandoori Chicken Salad with crispy noodles, turmeric potato and chili peanut dressing.  Very tasty.  And R had the pork burger off the snack menu (and a beery caramelly bread and butter pudding, just to be sure!), which also was interesting in that the bun was a thin light turkish style as opposed to the usual bigger boring burger bun (go the b’s…..), with a large home made style pork patty and the ubiquitous fries.  Not bad at all.

Nice and easy, a notch above usual large beer bars, and relatively close by.  We’ll definitely be back.

20 Bond Street.

POSTSCRIPT: And a few more recent F&B images:



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