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Smith the Grocer…

Wednesday is often a hump day brekkie celebration on the way to work, and yesterday was Smith the Grocer in the Old Bank Arcade.  Such a lovely building, with Smith the Grocer carry on the time-honoured mood inside their cafe.

Although we only had harvest grainy toast and peanut butter, it was lovely thick chunky toast and crunchy peanut butter with texture.  The cabinet food already prepared looked appealing, and their meals are pleasant (from past experience). And the coffee good.

I particularly enjoy sitting in their cafe with the high atrium environment, and lightness and brightness reminiscent of sitting outdoors.  Although one does have to watch for the odd cheeky bird who’s worked out exactly where the open food sources are (R did contemplate whether a stuffed large bird sitting on the counter should be suggested to the owners!).


Smith the Grocer do a fair chunk of catering and are reasonably renowned for some pretty fantastic platters for functions.  And they sell their own range of infused olive oils and relishes, along with nibbly chocolatey things.  All round performers.

Definitely a gem of a retreat from the world and one of those places with it all going on (ambience, food, service).

Seven days a week, daytimes.

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