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Mmmmm Relish…

An extra bonus post this week (haven’t I been busy).  Relish cafe in Waikanae. Yummmmo.

A fine Sunday afternoon was too good to pass up for a quick ride to exercise the bikes (not unlike horses getting cranky if not ridden in a while!). According to the Met Service (probably should have learnt that lesson already) it was finer up the western coast, so a jaunt to Relish cafe at Waikanae was decided, with a return run over the Paekakariki Hill Road.  I haven’t been there in a while, but they’ve been consistently good over the years. Usually for coffee and cake on the way past, as it was to be this time too.

Relish is in a lovely little cottage just over the railway lines, doing Wednesday to Sunday daytimes.  On a fine day one can sit outside in among the cottage garden. The staff are absolutely lovely, and the food is always presented delightfully. Today I had a hankering for carrot cake and R had the vanilla slice.  The cake being dense and moist and most satisfying, and the slice being sinfully creamy and glossy and entertaining as all getup to watch him eat!

I chose a hot lemon honey ginger drink which came in its own white teapot with cup and extra hot water.  Far nicer than the usual glass (and a darn sight easier to hold – do those cafe people forget glass gets really really really hot?).  And R’s coffee had good crema and pleasing coffee aromas wafting around as well.  So, up to its usual high standard then. Definitely a place you should aim for if passing up and down the highway.

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    You sure do get around …

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