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Concrete Bar in Cable Car Lane

Well these guys have been around a long time and seem to be still going strong. AND they have fascinating toilets.  If for no other reason than checking out the toilets, it’s definitely worth a visit.  And let me know if you figured out in less than 30 seconds or not how to make the water cascade down onto the long sloping washbasin!

Concrete do lunch mains during the day, tapas in the evenings and (recently started) brunches on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.  The menu looked pleasant for all dining options. But mostly they are probably relatively famed for after work corporate socialising and cocktails.

On arrival we were given a sample of Gosset Excellence Brut champagne (well I am a tv star now of course), rather lovely drop actually.  And as a promotion they were offering it up for $10 a glass instead of the usual $20, so that decided me on the tipple for the evening.

A $39 deal for 4 tapas beckoned, so we sampled pork and potato balls, mini beef burgers, quesadillas and battered feta mushrooms, with a side of fries (can take the boy out of South Auckland but can’t take South Auckland out of the boy…).  Very nicely presented as you will see below, and all very tasty.  Certainly was sufficient in quantity in place of an evening meal.

The staff were very efficient, pleasant and knowledgable, and the place was getting close to standing room only, ala the Friday after work experience.  Some of the tables looked a little tired (scratched), but other than that it was pleasant and one didn’t have too far to weave home (am sure champagne bubbles rise straight to the brain more quickly than other drinks).

I see I’ve used the word pleasant a few times, that’s probably a very good summing up of the Concrete experience really.  And whilst we’re talking tapas, standby by for another tapas-ish entry later on the weekend.  I have grand plans for attending The Library’s Saturday afternoon sweets and treats experience.  Yum yum….



Concrete main inside header




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