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Lamason on Lombard

In between the showers (again?) and town jobs I caught up with a friend for a Lamason experience.   Lamason is a recent coffee addition to Lombard Street, parallel to Victoria Avenue between Bond Street East extension and Manners.  A tucked away but developing area (check out the clothes designer in the garage diagonally across with most of her wares hanging from ropes and rafters and swaying artfully in the breeze…).

So, to the coffee.  Lamason’s uses Peoples coffee (of Newtown origin) and specialises in siphon and V60 brewing techniques, as well as single origin coffees.   Watching a siphon coffee brewing is like watching a small dance in action, and produces a smooth less potent coffee than espresso style.  Today’s bean being Ethiopian.  Best drunk black and savoured like a good tea.

I chose a milky espresso coffee this time (flat white), and was impressed with the silky texture throughout, as well as the artful white silver fern presentation on the top (maybe I impress easy, but visual appeal is as important as taste in my world).

The cafe is furnished with slightly smaller than normal tables, chairs and bar stools, which lends an almost Alice in Wonderland feel.  Intriguing.  Somehow it adds to the focus and showcase of the equipment on the counter.

You can procure a snack or lunchtime sandwich here too, or buy beans to take away, and the staff are very helping in providing coffee tuition if trying one of the alternate brewing methods.  Not open Sundays.

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3 thoughts on “Lamason on Lombard

  1. Kate McDavitt on said:

    Thanks Heather

    This cafe is very close to me and I’ve not noticed it at all. Will check it out.

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